Wills & Probate Lawyers Mill Park

ProbateOften if the value of an estate is valued at over $15,000.00 it will be necessary for the Executor to apply to the Supreme Court of Victoria Probate office for what is known as a Grant of Probate.A Grant of Probate is obtained if the deceased had a Will. If the deceased had no Will then it may be necessary to also apply for what is known as Letters of Administration or a Grant of Administration.The Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration authorises the Executor or the appointed administrator to collect on behalf of the beneficiaries money from banks, superannuation funds, life insurance policies, sell property, transfer property to beneficiaries. The Executor or Administrator is then required to pay any debts of the deceased and to finalise the administration of the Estate. If the process is not carried out properly it can become costly for the Estate and delay the finalization of the Estate.At Anthonys Solicitors we can assist you with a wills and probate lawyer to help you with your Probate matters.